momther forgive them for they know not what they do

today is christmas. poetry lunedream is hanging out in her room today. shes thinking of what shes going to get her friends, DOLPHIN DONKOPACHI and EAGLE ELEZEDRED, for this coming Holiday Season™.

"im jewish on mom's side, so, you know how it is, growing up, we mostly had hanukkah. these of days, i dont celebrate much, living on my own, but i like to do something privately, and support my friends and such. its, you know, really, not about me" -poetry lunedream, in a fleeting moment of humility

she's open to suggestions on what actions to take, but, you know how it is. its not required. shell probably just do stuff on her own, if shes not prompted. poetry lunedreams hobbies include:

write down gift ideas so you dont forget